Sunday, March 11, 2012

Banana Wine

This widely available variety of banana is best suited to make wine. The procedure is quite simple as well.

01. Bananas (Palayamkodan variety) - 10 (cut into pieces)
02. Sugar - 750 g
03. Yeast - 1 tsp (take the yeast in a small bowl and dissolve it in lukewarm water)
04. Water (boiled and cooled) - 2 bottles (one bottle = 750 ml)

01. Mix together the Palayamkodan banana pieces, water, sugar and yeast.
02. Put this mixture into a large jar and securely close and tie the mouth of the jar.
03. For the first ten days, open the jar and stir its contents very well.
04. Later, strain it and pour it into bottles.
05. It will be ready to use after two or three months



About Me and My Kitchen

When I was a kid I remember when my mom had gone out I used to skip into the kitchen secretly and experiment what ever I could. One day I remember having prepared meat Puff and can you imagine a dog that does not eat something made with meat yes our Jimmy did so. I would have stopped experimenting at that time if it was not for my younger sister who ate the puffs and said "good, you could make it a bit more better. She was always like that though I knew I was a bad cook, she always used to taste what ever I prepared and encouraged me in preparing more and more.

Thus after many years, I cannot say I am an expert cook but my hubby especially encourages me to prepare more and more. But he always says rather than Naadan( local or common) food I am good in preparing some chinese or some continental food. So my experiments were more in that rather than the naadan food, may be because I am fond of that. Now my inspiration and support for cooking is my son who is my greatest fan and encourages me to try out variety..

So lets start of with some naadan food which I prepare and then later go into my experiments I think that would be much better.........